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Our College General Rules

1. The Academic Session :
The Academic Session of the College is from June to May.

2. Admission :
Admission into various courses of the college beings after the publication of the H.S.C. Examination results and continues till the last day prescribed for such admission by the C.H.S.E. and Utkal University or till the available seats are filled up whichever is earlier.

3. Undertaking :
Before a student is admitted to the college she / her guardians shall have to sign an undertaking in the proper form to the effect that student will abide by the rules of the college.

4. Address :
Every student must register in the college office the address at which she lives. Any change in the address must be intimated to the office in writing.

5. Leave :
All students who wish to obtain leave of absence from the college must apply for that leave before they actually absent themselves. In special cases such as illness or an urgent journey where it is not possible to obtain leaving advance, an application for grant of leave may be sent by post or by messenger.

6. Tutorial :
As soon as the tutorial group are formed and notified, it is the duty of a student to find out the particular group to which she has been assigned. If she is not include in any of the groups she must bring the fact to the notice of the lecturer in-charge of time table.

7. Discipline :

  1. Students should take their seats before the teacher enter the class-room and should not ordinarily leave their seats during the period of lecture.
  2. Students should not loiter on the verandahs when they have no classes to attend. They should not disturb other classes.
  3. Scribbling, pasting bill and writing on black board or otherwise disfiguring the college wall are strictly prohibited.
  4. Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars or doors of the college is also prohibited.
  5. Bicycles of the students must be padlocked and kept in the cycle-shed provided.
  6. Misbehavior of a college student at any matches or games will be regarded as a breach of college discipline.
  7. Students should not leave the hall or room in the midst of any of the college meeting unless it is absolutely necessary.
  8. Students should stand in a queue while waiting to pay their tuition fees or any other purpose.
  9. Students must not temper with the light or fan switches.
  10. Students should use the toilets provided for the purpose.
  11. Every student is required to attend her classes regularly and punctually.
  12. Students should not enter the office for any purpose without permission.
  13. Students are not allowed to enter staff common room. In case a student some work with a member of the teaching staff, she is required to inform through the attendant of the common room.
  14. Student should bring their Identify Card regularly and produce whenever required.
  15. Student should put their grievances in writing to the Principal.
  16. Every student should see the college Notice Board regularly to get necessary information regarding all office orders and instructions given from time to time.
  17. It is the duty of a student to safe-guard the property of the institution and keep the buildings and the campus neat and clean.
  18. The students must not damage the furniture of the college.
  19. Guardians of the students are expected to meet the Principal, Superintendent at least twice during an academic session to enquired about the welfare and progress of their wards.