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College Library

The College has a Library from the beginning of the institution. It is growing every year under the patronization of the authorities concerned.

  1. The College Library contains more than 8,000 text and reference books.
  2. The Library remains opened on all working days from 10.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
  3. Only staff and students of the college may use the Library books.
  4. No books shall be taken out without the knowledge of the Librarian unless it has properly entered in the issue register.
  5. All Library books taken by the students should be returned to the Library before the declaration of Summer Vacation.
  6. The borrower muse examine the condition of the books before the issue.
  7. No underlining or notes shall be made in the Library books.
  8. No picture or page shall be removed torn or otherwise disfigured. If detected, the borrower shall be asked to replace the damaged by her with fine.
  9. If a borrower has anything outstanding or over due, she shall not be allowed to borrow books from the Library.
  10. Spitting, gossiping, sleeping inside the Library is strictly forbidden.
  11. Any other articles such as bags, briefcases, personal books, umbrella and radio sets should not brought into the Library premises.
  12. Reference books, courses of studies and current issue of periodicals shall not be issued without special permission from the Principal.
  13. The following is the list shows the maximum number of books that may be issued to various categories of borrowers and staff.
    1. Members of teaching staff 10 books for one month
    2. Laboratory assistants 3 books for 15 days (Demonstrators)
    3. Ministerial Staff 3 books for 15 days
    4. Librarian, P.E.T. 3 books for 15 days
    5. Medical Staff 2 books for 15 days
    6. +2 students 1 books for 15 days
    7. +3 students 1 books for 15 days
    8. +3 Hons. Students 2 books for 15 days
  14. The Library Cars of the Honours students should be initial by the H.O.D.s of concerned department.
  15. The teaching and non-teaching staff may take books form the Library by signing on the issue Register.
  16. Any books lost or damaged by a member of the staff shall be replaced by them with a new one.
  17. If the books are lost or damaged, the student shall pay the amount fixed by the Principal.
  18. If the student does not return the Library books within the stipulated time as fine Rs.0.10 P. per day will be charged from her. The fine shall be collected along with the tuition fee.
  19. Reading room is provided for both staff and students in the Library premises. One book or one journal may be issued to every student in the Library reading room. All such books and journals must be returned to the Librarian 30 minutes before the college closes. If a student fails to returned a fine 0.50 P. per day shall be charged till she returns the books or journals.
  20. A student wants to take or return books must present Library Card to the Librarian.
  21. If the Library Card is lost, another Card will be issued on application and on payment or requisite fees.