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National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme
There are two units of N.S.S. in Kanaka Manjari Women's College each consisting of fifty volunteers and one programme officer. Students are advised to join in N.S.S. and avail the chance to serve the county.

The scheme provides opportunities to the students to chanalise their youthful energies into constructive and development activities of the county. It provides opportunities to the student to appreciate the lot of the common man, inculcate in him the sense of social consciousness and dignity of labour. All the programmes are worked out within the general frame work of N.S.S. scheme. Guidelines prescribed are strictly followed by the programme officers. Under normal activities the N.S.S. volunteers are required to continue their activities throughout the year in the college and in the adopted villages. Under special camping programme, the students organize camps at different places during vacations and holidays.

More information regarding N.S.S. can be had from the programme officers, N.S.S.