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Principal List
SL NOPrincipal NamesQualificationDate of JoiningDate of Leaving
1Smt. Pramodini Nayak(I/C)M.A. (Pol.Sc.)01/09/198122/08/1984
2Sri B.K. PattanaikM.A22/08/198408/11/1984
3Smt. Pramodini Nayak (I/C)M.A. (Pol.Sc.)08/11/198428/08/1995
4Sri C.R. KanungoM.A.28/11/199530/08/1997
5Dr. S. N. PalM.Sc., Ph.D.30/08/199730/04/2001
6Smt. L.P.Satpathy (I/C)M.A. (English)01/05/200122/10/2001
7Dr. B.K. BeheraM.A., Ph.D. (Pol.Sc.)22/10/200131/01/2005
8Smt. L.P.Satpathy (I/C)M.A. (English)01/02/200530/06/2005
9Prof.Dr. K.B. PatraM.A., Ph.D. Utkal01/07/200531/03/2009
10Smt. L.P. Satpathy (I/C)M.A. (English)01/04/200930/06/2009
11Sri. B. BadapandaM.A. (History)01/07/200931/08/2010
12Smt. Pramodini NayakM.A. (Pol.Sc.)01/09/201031/08/2014
13Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar GiriM.A. Ph.D. (Sanskrit)01/09/2014Cont....